Student Spotlight: Leah Parsons

Leah Parsons is one of five foreign exchange students at Windsor this year.

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Student Spotlight: Leah Parsons

Hailey Shirk, Staff Writer

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Diverse. Beautiful. Relaxed.

These were the three words Leah Parsons used to describe her home country, New Zealand. 

Parsons is one of five foreign exchange students at Windsor this year, and Windsor is undoubtedly different than the school she is accustomed to. 

“The curriculum is very different.” Leah said. “Here you do lots of quiz-like tests that you study for one thing for like three days and then you do a test. At home, we do what we call internal and external exams. Internal, you study for however many you do, which can be anywhere from two to three months and then you test, whereas, here if you don’t rehearse the material or practice it, you’re stuck.” 

Parsons also had to adjust to getting around the building, and getting through the commons for lunch every day. 

“Here you have one big building. Whereas back home, we have several smaller buildings, so it’s very difficult to figure out where things are. There’s also lots of traffic,” Parsons said. “And you guys have a cafeteria, and the fact that you can buy school lunch here is very different, too.”

Parsons also expressed enthusiasm for football games and traditions. 

“You guys actually have a whole field for football, and cheerleaders…It’s very different.”

Parsons even expressed her concerns on safety and discussed how the rules of the exchange student program are able to do so.

“New Zealand is very safe. You could walk outside and not be scared. People tell me not to go to the city alone, but also not to take public transport,” Leah said. “With my program, there are many rules I have to follow, and it’s interesting to see how they all work together.”

Parsons, like many students at Windsor, also loves taking time to simply enjoy doing nothing as well.

Parsons said, “I love to just do nothing. Well, I guess like to hang out with my friends and watch Youtube. Just teenage stuff.”