Staying Green

The Green Alliance club encourages students to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Kennadee McFarlane, Staff Writer

Windsor High School has a variety of diverse clubs students can join. Occasionally, these clubs can be overlooked. One club that does not get as much attention as it should is Green Alliance. This club focuses solely on how students can be environmentally conscious, along with ways the school can help the environment. 

Olivia Shackleford, a senior at Windsor High School, is the president of this club. She, along with the rest of the club, is always coming up with new ways Windsor can be environmentally conscious.

One way Windsor can improve is by using less non-recyclable materials. Windsor as a whole uses a large number of plastics and styrofoam. These materials are harmful for the environment and their use at Windsor can be easily prevented.

Shackleford said, “Stop using styrofoam trays.”

Green Alliance is focusing on improving Windsor, and they want to inform students on what they are putting into the environment. With styrofoam trays being something students use every day, Green Alliance believes it needs to be addressed.

“We are planning on getting rid of the styrofoam trays, and replacing them with reusable ones,” Shackleford said. 

Along with trying to cut back on single-use plastics and styrofoam at school, Green Alliance believes everyone can make changes like these to their everyday lives.

A good start to reducing plastic use would be by using the three R’s: reducing, reusing, and recycling. Using these three R’s can help people limit their impact on the environment. For those those wanting to learn more, they can join the Green Alliance.

“(Green Alliance) has made me more aware overall of the environment and my impact,” Shackleford said.

Down the road, the club hopes to gain more members at Windsor. When that time comes, a new president will have taken the helm of Green Alliance, leading a new group of wide-eyed, optimistic students. Shackleford gave the future president a few words of advice for whenever they takeover. 

“Take control,” Shackleford said. “Mrs. Ward (a teacher supporter of the club) values students.”

However, while Shackleford is still president, she wants to make sure she leaves her mark and message on this school.

Shackleford said, “I hope to positively impact the students of Windsor High School and their view on the environment. The Earth is so important and more people need to care about it. Join Green Alliance. Be aware. The world is so much bigger than just you.”