Opinion: Fashion Maskin’

For some students, masks are now a part of their fashion identity.

Maddie Williams, Staff Writer


People in Windsor are always trying to be fashionable with their clothes and trying to get their outfits to match as best as possible.

The year 2020 has brought a new fashion trend–masks.

This year’s fashion is all about the masks. For some people, masks are even starting to grow on them. There are so many different designs and colors of the masks.

 I love the concept of creativity in the masks. Many people are trying to make them cute and trendy because it’s the new thing and many people are advised to wear them to social distance.   When I look around the halls, I’m amazed by how many different masks there are and how some people are matching them into their wardrobe. For instance, the other day, I had black leggings on and a white shirt so I decided to not wear the regular old blue disposable mask. Instead, I put on my leopard print cotton mask and I got a bunch of compliments on it and the bands don’t hurt my ears from wearing it too long . 

Sophomore Reagan Daly said, “I love to include my mask in my fashion. Ever since the whole COVID thing happened, I’ve been matching my shoes, pants and shirts and I love it. I think it just adds a pop of style to your everyday outfit.I just ordered a new one online actually and I really am starting to get used to them. I have even seen people on social media making off brand Gucci masks and selling them and they’re super cute and trendy and very cheap. I actually have seen someone wear one in public and, let me tell you, if you’re trying to get an expensive looking outfit for cheap, I would suggest ordering one.”

For the boys, I feel as if they are almost having fun with the masks and what’s on them. The other day, I saw a boy in the hallway with a St. Louis Blues mask on and there was another boy with a Mizzou mask. It’s almost like they’re telling you what teams they like without even saying anything. That’s why I feel as if the masks are a big part of how people see each other now because you can really see the person’s interests depending on their mask. 

Sophomore Greg West said,¨Masks have changed my style because I used to not have to worry about matching my mask with my outfit. Before COVID hit, we didn’t have to worry about what we are going to wear and how it will look with the mask, but I feel like it hasn’t changed that much because you can just get a black mask and it goes with really anything.¨ 

Athletic teams are also starting to buy in to the new trend. For example,  Coach Stephany Dueker got the volleyball team all matching masks that say ‘Windsor Volleyball’ on the side of them, so we wear them when we warm up. We haven’t had to wear them playing a game yet so we’re all super thankful for that.

Overall, the masks really aren’t that bad if you look at the positives. You can make them cute and they can save others. You can even try to emulate your favorite celebrity. 

Daly said, “I also was watching the MTV music awards the other night and Lady Gaga had the coolest mask. It had horns coming out of the sides and it was a great fashion statement.”