District Pep Bus Set For Volleyball

The pep bus will take place on Monday, October 25, if the volleyball team advances to the district championship game.


Maddy Mancuso, Staff Writer

With the regular season complete, the Windsor volleyball team currently has a record of 26-3-3.

Winning 17 games in a row at one point, the team worked very well together throughout the season. 

On Friday, October 22, the volleyball team plays Rockwood Summit in the first round of districts. If they come out on top in that game, Windsor is offering a pep bus for the district championship on Monday, October 25 at Ursuline Academy. This will give students a chance to motivate the volleyball team in the district championship. The pep bus will be very helpful for supporters who can’t drive. The cost is $4 per student and permission slips must be signed and returned to teacher Cindi Maddock. It also costs to get into the game as well. 

Maddock said, “If we can provide a loud and rowdy cheering section, I know it is fun for the students and also the players. There is a reason that at college basketball games, the student section tends to be the closest and best seats in the arena.” 

Having a big crowd while playing a competitive game can really change the mood of the players on the court, and the students have a great time supporting.

 Sophomore Garret Mulder said, “Having a pep bus would be super hype, especially having all of your friends there cheering. It just makes for a great time.” 

The volleyball team agrees.

 “Having a pep bus is a great idea because we get more supporters to cheer us on and I feel like we play a lot better with a loud crowd and a bunch of supporters,” junior Grace Lowery said.  

 School spirit is very important at Windsor. 

 Maddock said, “I think school spirit is great, but this is more about supporting your friends and classmates and recognizing their hard work.  Going to games with your friends to support your friends is a no-brainer.”

Having a nice and supportive school is great for sports. 

 Grace Lowery said, “ I love hearing all of the cheers, it makes it such a good and fun environment to be in.”