Students Learn Life Skills Early

The Jefferson College ATS program is one way for students to prepare for life after high school.

Olivia Limpert, Staff Writer

The Jefferson College ATS program is one of the many opportunities that Windsor has to offer, though all schools within Jefferson County offer this program. The program offers high school students opportunities to gain experience for jobs they may be looking for and even offer college credits. The type of programs offered can be anything from carpentry to culinary. Some of the programs can begin for students during their sophomore year. 

Alex Palme, a sophomore from Windsor, is currently taking the culinary program offered at Jefferson College. 

So with the Jeffco program I think it is a great way to get introduced into what you may want to do in the future. Also you can possibly get a certification in that area. I think it is a great program for people and they should do it for knowledge and also get other knowledge that you might not learn,” Palme said.   

Palme said more students should try to benefit from the program. 

“I think more people should do this because it is a nice introduction. Also, it costs less than doing anything on your own dime in college. So, I would recommend joining this to get your certificate of whatever you want to be involved in. Great way to practice like you are on the job and make good friends.”

Ellen Dorsey is one of the counselors who help students sign up for the program. 

“You have to really want to do it because it does take up a lot of your day and that can be a hang for a lot of the kids, because you’re there 3 hours of the day, you miss half of your Owl Time, it just has to be the right fit for you,” said Dorsey.

While the ATS program is time consuming, it does seem to help with life and job skills for the years to come.

The students seem to give the program positive reviews. 

“I have learned the importance of showing up and working together and communicating with others because without it you won’t be able to do your job efficiently. Also, the importance of having good hygiene for jobs. Always put on a good attitude so everyone will be happier and more effective on the job. Try not to come into a job with a bad attitude because it makes the people be put down,” said Palme.