Bacon For A Snow Day

John Leech regularly predicts snow days.

Gabe Welch, Staff Writer

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With the winter season in full effect, students and teachers alike are likely to spend many nights watching the weather forecast in anticipation of a snow day. We’ve already seen our first day off due to winter weather–extreme cold to be exact–but many are looking for ways to foresee future snow days.

Many of the students at Windsor know of a certain prediction system that is far more accurate than your local meteorologist. This system is quite simple, all you have to do is ask one question: Did Mr. Leech buy bacon?

As for Wednesday, February 7, and the potential snow day, Leech has prepared to buy a half pound of bacon, compared to his usual purchase of a full pound. With the current forecast, the uncertainty keeps students and teachers guessing if they will have school tomorrow.

For those who don’t know, when teacher John Leech anticipates a snow day, he goes out and buys extra bacon, for which he will eat on that snow day. While this sounds ridiculous as a method of prediction, we’ve seen it to be surprisingly accurate.

When asked about his accuracy, Leech said, “Well, some people get their weather predictions from a rodent, while others get theirs from an English teacher.”

An odd, but thought-provoking statement.

Many students are frustrated and slightly outraged when they find out that Leech had bought bacon, yet school was still in session. In fact, this happened fairly recently, being the first time that many can remember of such a let down.

“When I heard Leech had bought bacon, I went ahead and assumed school was off,” Keegan Hammond said. “I had stayed up late thinking I would be fine.”

To some, this sounds ridiculous to trust the predictions of one man.

Some speculate that Leech perhaps communicates with the administration for the most up to date information, allowing him to appear as if he makes these predictions. Unfortunately, when asked about such accusations, Leech refused to comment. Perhaps this indicates that he really does have a connection.

If you ask Leech why he buys bacon for snow days, he’ll give you a simple answer.

“You wake up, whenever that might be, you fry bacon, and then you fry eggs in the bacon grease,” Leech said.

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