Windsor Shows Off School Pride

Windsor teachers and students competed throughout last week's assembly.

Bella Marco, Staff Writer


What’s better than showing off school spirit while being surrounded by friends and having a good time?  

The school assembly on Friday was especially interesting. While playing “Train Wreck” early in the assembly, teacher Shannon Hyde collided with sophomore Ethan Worley. The collision caused Hyde to go tumbling down to the floor.  Later that day, Hyde went to urgent care. She did not have a concussion, but she did have a sprained thumb.

Worley said, “I feel really bad about what happened.”

Hyde said, “Accidents happen in a friendly competition, and no one should feel bad.”

To kick off the assembly, the school started off with the Windsor Battle Cry. The battle cry is a way to wake up the crowd and get people excited. The chant really gets the crowd going.

Several athletic teams were recognized, including boys basketball, girls basketball and wrestling. While this was no surprise, other clubs showed off their talents.

For example, the robotics team made an appearance with a special friend. Their robot rolled out onto the floor with the rest of the team.

Senior Trent Deavers said, “Our robot is just like another teammate.”  

Speech was also recognized for their participation. Students and staff were also given a little sneak peak from the play Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. This musical will take place February 22-24

The crowd received an impressive performance from the Owls dance team. The routine they performed at the assembly took first place at their last dance competition and was very well choreographed.

During the assembly, there were numerous games played between the students and the teachers. There is nothing better than watching a teacher try so hard to beat the much younger kids and show their competitive sides.

Connor Portlock said, “My favorite thing about watching the teachers compete is watching the students win and the teachers being goofy.”