Competing on Ice

Ice skating is great for competition and exercise.

Abby Comia, Staff Writer


When people think of exercising, they usually think about running and weight lifting but why not ice skating? Ice skating uses all of the muscles in the body. When most people think of ice skating, they don’t think of being exhausted, they think of having fun. Ice skating can be both–you can compete or just skate for fun. Many people enjoy skating with friends or family during the holidays but you could always go to an indoor rink in the summer.

For those who like to compete, ice skating can be an outlet for them.

I know because I have been ice skating since kindergarten. 

It takes months to get your routine learned and perfected for competitions.

First, you have to choose a song you like and then you have to cut the music to the time required. Next, you have to make a routine and practice it until you can get it perfect every time. Then, you have to buy your costume, makeup, and all the products for your hair. It takes around three hours to get completely ready the day of the competition by doing your hair, make up, and getting dressed. Plus an extra hour to stretch, warm up and run through the routine.

Being an ice skater can be expensive.

For my competition team, there was a down payment of about $700. You also have to pay for a costume, competition fees, makeup, hair products, skates, transportation, classes, plus monthly dues. Overall, it costs around $3000 a year for me to compete.

Most people forgot about ice skating until it’s around Christmas time or they are watching the Winter Olympics. However, there are several places throughout the St. Louis area that you can skate at throughout the year that is very affordable, such as Webster Ice Arena and Kirkwood Ice Rink.

Rachelle Matthews said, “I love to ice skate; I usually go to Kennedy Recreation Complex with my friends, but it closes in March. If I knew of other places open all year round, I’d definitely go.”