Finding My Place

Junior Taylor Pluff, who transferred from Seckman, shares her thoughts on her first year at Windsor.


Trent Deevers

Finding a place and a group to sit with at lunch can be a big deal.

Taylor Pluff, Staff Writer

Have you ever been somewhere completely new, packed to the brim with foreign faces that you’ve never seen before? This is the reality for many kids that have to switch schools midway through their education. It can be difficult entering such a new environment, and it makes it even harder when you’re doing it on your own. The 2017-2018 school year was my first year attending Windsor. It was terrifying at first, but I soon found my way as every newbie does, and Windsor started to seem a little less scary as each day went by.

The biggest question of anyone’s first day of high school has to be, “Where will I sit for lunch?” This hung over my head like a storm cloud for the beginning of my first day. I didn’t know anyone, or how to get anywhere, so finding a place to sit and people to sit by just seemed like too big of a hassle- eating in the library sounded like a much safer route to take. This was the plan of action up until my second hour, where for the first time, I felt like fitting in may not be the hassle I thought it was. A group of girls greeted me when I walked in the room, and invited me to sit with them. After some normal chit-chat on where I was from and why I was here, they proceeded to make my day by asking me to join them at lunch. This was it– I could finally relax and let the weight lift off my shoulders. I had a secure place to sit in the mob of students that they called lunch.

I have always been the type of student who enjoys having a connection with their teacher. It helps me learn better when I am in a comfortable and content environment. I figured throughout the year I would build relationships with my teachers, but for now I was simply a brand new face in the sea of familiar ones. It wasn’t until my last hour of the day that I felt some sort of ‘click’ between a teacher and myself. When it comes to talking, I lack a filter in most situations, so anyone that comes off with any sort of attitude usually grabs my attention. As my seventh hour teacher read over the syllabus and followed the typical first-day-agenda, she said something that caught my interest, “I will not have a favorite student because I do not like any of my students” said Kris Miller. A smile immediately crept on my face, and I felt comfort in knowing that we most likely shared a similar sense of humor.

As the day came to a close, I was really starting to come to terms with the fact that this year was not going to be as awful as I had thought it was. In the end, it is only high school, and any graduate will tell you how quickly it passes by. Everyone should take the time to appreciate the people in their life that make their days a little brighter. I know I sure am thankful for mine. This year would not have been as enjoyable as it was, had they not come into my life.