A Moment Of A Lifetime

Football players (and writers for The Hoot) Luke Stallings and Keri Voegtle, were named the homecoming King and Queen. Both students wrote about their thoughts on receiving the award.

Keri Voegtle and Luke Stallings

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By: The Queen (Keri Voegtle)

I have never thought of ever becoming homecoming queen or being a girl that is into makeup and her hair. I’ve worn soccer cleats my entire life– my parents put me into every sport imaginable while growing up. My parents even tried to put me in dance, gymnastics and cheerleading. I could not take any of those seriously and I would just mess around the whole time. Soccer was always the one for me.

This year, I added football to my growing list of sports, which also includes: cross country, basketball, soccer and track.

While warming up for this year’s homecoming football game, I began to feel nervous as the stadium began to fill with people. When I was walking down the track in my cleats with Gavin Graves by my side, I didn’t think that I was going to win.

When I began listening for the winners of the king and queen, I heard my best friend’s name get called first (Luke Stallings).  I was very happy for him. When I heard my name, I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. As I looked at the cameras for pictures with Luke, I looked down at our cleats and then thought we are both on the football team, both king and queen, wearing full pads and a uniform instead of a nice fancy dress,  and wearing my hair back in braids ready for my game. It was the most ironic but coolest thing I’ve been a part of.


By: The King (Luke Stallings)

Four years ago, I didn’t even go to Windsor. I came to Windsor for my freshman year, knowing maybe a dozen people. Fast forward to my senior year, and I’m now the Homecoming King. These last couple of years have been really special, but I never thought that I would be on homecoming court or anything similar.

This summer I became one of the captains of the football team. I figured being captain would be the highlight of my last year at Windsor, but then I was asked if I wanted to be on homecoming court. I said yes, thinking it would be fun for my friends and I, and it would be crazy if I actually won.

The assembly and parade with my running mate, Abby Young, was a really exciting and fun experience for me. Everyone was so happy and supportive of all of us. On Friday night, when it was almost game time, they called everyone on court over to get ready to walk down the track. I was all sweaty and ready from warming up, and I was trying to just focus on the game. Abby and I walked last, and then we were all lined up in front of the crowd.

Randy Green then announced that I was the Homecoming King!  I looked up amazed by all of the excitement. Seeing my friends and family cheer so loudly for me was an unbelievably humbling and happy moment in my life. Then,  he announced one of my best friends–Keri Voegtle–was the Homecoming Queen! Neither of us knew what to do, but it was still such an awesome moment for both of us. We stepped forward, they gave the Queen her tiara, and then they Crowned the King. 

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