Teachers Look To Defend Dodgeball Title

The third annual dodgeball tournament takes place tonight.

Kayla Moore, Staff Writer

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The Windsor Student Council is hosting a dodgeball tournament tonight at 6pm to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This tournament will take place in both gyms at Windsor High School.

As of right now, there are ten teams signed up to compete at the tournament. Teams of six are co-ed and must have at least two girls or two boys on them.  It costs $5 a person to play and $2 for spectators. All proceeds will be going towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Teams are made up of students and teachers but the rivalries between them are showing.

“Any chance I get to put high school kids in their place is a win for me. I’m most excited to put the seniors in check and let them know who’s the boss,” teacher Brian Gilbert said.

In response, Dustin Svoboda said, “I’m most excited to see Mr. Gilbert get destroyed.”

The winning team that participated last year are coming together to compete again–the only all teacher team.

“We are returning with the majority of our team from last year, so I feel pretty confident that we will be able to perform well this year and reclaim our championship title,” teacher Kim Schmidt said.

Many teams are coming up with different strategies to win the tournament.

“I really loved dodgeball as a kid in P.E., so I’m looking forward to ducking, dodging, and weaving. I’ve been practicing my moves and taekwondo skills that will help me jump over balls and duck under them,” Drew Wallace said.

The dodgeball tournament has been an opportunity for everyone to come together.

“I’m most excited to have fun with everyone and have a little competition. It’s fun to play dodgeball with my friends,” Wallace said.  

The small competition has brought students and teachers together to end the night with fun.

“At first. I wasn’t going to do it,  but freshman year I got dragged onto a team and it was actually really fun, so I decided to continue to do it. I’m definitely excited to see all of the teams and go against all of the teachers; everyone has fun with it. It’s more of a hang out, have a good time, and win if we can event,” Delana Mentel said.

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