Freshmen Field Trip For Furry Friends

A pair of Freshmen 101 classes recently helped out at Advocates 4 Animals.

Keri Voegtle, Staff Writer

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Two freshmen 101 classes recently took on a community service task involving pets.  They traveled to a Herculaneum pet pantry and rescue–Advocates 4 Animals.

This service helps the elderly who have a fixed income or cannot afford to purchase food for their animal. If anybody knows of someone who is in this predicament, Advocates 4 Animals is a great place to go.

The freshman classes took pet food and placed them into a ten pound bags or six pound bags. The classes bagged a total of 2,800 pounds of pet food. The students also helped out by unloading an additional 1,800 pounds that the pantry is able to use in January.

Shannon Hyde said, “I believe the students got to experience something bigger than themselves.”

A few in the class believed they made a difference in the pet pantry.

Freshman Isabella Boyer said, “We made a difference because we helped the owner of the pet pantry by unloading the food and helping families pick up the dog food. The owner wouldn’t be able to do that on their own.”

Hyde said, “The students realized that by working together as a team they could accomplish a task quickly that could have taken the family of four that run the pantry days to do.”

It’s not just helping people feed their pets, it helps keep the relationship happy and healthy between the owner and animal. The service also helps spay and neuter pets for which can get costly at times.

“I grew as a person, knowing that I was helping a lot of people,” Boyer said.

Both Hyde and Isaacson’s classes were not only helping others that day, but improving on themselves as well.

Hyde said, “Overall, I think it was a great experience that the students enjoyed.”

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