Spreading Positive Vibes

Teachers Tina Boehm and Kris Miller both enjoy spreading positive energy every morning.

McKenna Casey, Staff Editor

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In 2015, Windsor was named a “National School of Character.”

Windsor received this award, in large part, because of the character of the faculty and staff.

Every morning, this character is on full display.  While directing traffic before school, two teachers have found a shtick to get through the tiring mornings. Teachers Tina Boehm and Kris Miller are a fun duo for the students to wave at on their way into the parking lot. Miller supplies the dance moves while Boehm supplies the positive signs. 

Miller has been working morning duty for two years now after “guilting” herself into it. She can be found dancing to the beat of her own drum via headphones. After a teacher’s meeting in 2017, Miller agreed to fill in until a new crossing guard could be found.

“That was only supposed to be for a semester, but then we came back to school (after break) and at the teacher’s meeting, ‘We need someone in the parking lot’, and I wasn’t raising my hand, but everyone turns and looks at me, ‘We enjoy watching you dance in the parking lot, you have to do it again,’ so I did it again last year,” Miller said.

The students enjoy watching her prance around the parking lot, but the students may wonder how long she will keep doing this.

“Once again, guilt will get me. I’m sure, if it comes up again and there’s a request for parking lot duty, I’m sure I’ll raise my hand and say sure I’ll do it again, but at this moment, when it’s super cold, the answer is NO! But I guarantee I will get guilted into it, by myself. No one guilts me but me,” Miller said.

Boehm started working as a crossing guard to help out during the construction and started making signs with positive messages on them.

“I do it because it is fun, and after watching people drive though at seven in the morning, I thought we could all use a parking lot pick me up and it’s fun to see Mrs. Pennycook smile that early in the morning,” Boehm said.

Both teachers have a great respect for one another and enjoy brightening up the students and staff’s lives every day.

“I take my hat off to Mrs. Miller. She is on her second year braving the elements to do traffic–I am just  temporary to help during the construction,” Boehm said.

The students believe there is a silent competition–a battle of signs and dancing. However, both staff members have denied this claim. “We just want to have fun and chase off boredom,” they both said.  

“I don’t think that Mrs.Boehm liked that I was dancing in the parking lot all the time and people talking about it, so she made sig- No, there is no competition, I like to tease her and say ‘What are you trying to one-up me,’ but all in good fun,” Miller said.

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