An Annual Tradition: A Windsor Feast

Christmas at Windsor Castle continues to impress every year.

Hannah Scott

McKenna Casey, Staff Writer


Ushered in by men in decorative robes and armor started out the evening with a strong sense of wonder for the audience of this year’s Windsor Castle Feast. After families and friends passed the ticket booth, they were announced to the hall by family name.

Almost over night, the Shakespeare society made the modern Commons undergo major changes. They put up fake walls to simulate that of a stone castle, arranged and decorated tables, and moved a large stage accompanied by a faux pirate ship.

This year the dinner was on December 8 and 9.

The annual dinner theater always seems to impress first timers. Dr. Sean Casey was no exception. He was amazed by the transformation of the Commons into an old English dining hall.

“When we walked in I couldn’t believe it, everything looked so cool and I could tell how much effort had been put into the production,” Casey said.

The theme this year was “With Pirates” which featured a group of seven swashbucklers parading around the hall criticizing the waitstaff at every turn. They all messed around and cracked jokes like a big chosen family.

For others, visiting Windsor Castle is an annual tradition. For example, Principal Jason Naucke’s family  has attended the theater program for the past six years.

“Every year the program gets bigger and better. Mrs. Geimer outdoes herself every year and I love seeing our kids perform,” Naucke said during the performance.

After the guests settled into their seats, the queen’s court enter with grandeur. Flourished ladies and lordly men took their seats on the raised stage in the front of the dimly lit room. Queen Elizabeth stood to welcome all to her home, as well as the pirates, and wished everyone to be merry in the Yule times.

This is when the real fun began. The choir and band begin to play songs. The staff brought out wasail, which is an apple cider drink, and the queen called for a toast, leading to the guards’ big dance. Swords flew through the air along with dance partners, and a candle dance started. In between the action, hardy helpings of food were served around to the waiting guests.

As the night came to a close, the queen called out a final song for all her guests to sing. The overall effect of the chorus was beautiful and left a long lasting impact on the guests. The night is one they won’t forget, and as a staple in the Windsor High School student life, it will be carried on for a long time to come.

“This was such a fun experience that you won’t get anywhere else but the high school. The students have a very strong passion for what they are doing, and you can tell they really enjoy putting the show on every year. Next year the rest of the family is going to come. I think we will make this a new holiday tradition,” Casey said.