The Dance Will Go On

Rachelle Matthews will be dancing at Central Methodist University next fall.


Courtesy of Grace Mueller

Abby Comia, Staff Writer

It is still March (Madness), so the dancing will definitely continue.

Rachelle Matthews has signed at Central Methodist University (CMU) as a dancer. She has been dancing for 15 years. She has also danced for all four of her years at high school on the Windsor Golden Line Dance Team.

“I am extremely proud of Rachelle for continuing her career as a dancer. Dancing in college is a wonderful experience and I am excited for her to have the opportunity to do so,” coach Lindsey George said. “Rachelle has a lot of heart for her team and is extremely dedicated.”

Matthews attitude should be an asset for the CMU dance team. She helped lead the Windsor Golden Line to a third place team finish at state this season.

“She is always thinking of ways to encourage the team. This past year, she recommended that we begin awarding one dancer a week, for hard work and dedication, during our Nationals season which increased our morale and allowed Golden Line to grow closer as a team. Rachelle is notorious for gifting the team with a clever present before competitions and big team events,” George said. “She is always prepared for games, competitions, and practice. She always has extra supplies and is willing to share with her teammates. Rachelle is going to be a wonderful addition to the CMU Envy Dance Team and I look forward to seeing her continue to grow.”

Along with dancing, she is going to major in Primary Education K-12 and Special Education, and she has found the perfect school to help her achieve her dreams as a teacher.

“The innovative school I will be attending will give me the tools and experience to succeed in school with a great classroom setting,” Matthews said..

As she is moving up to a college dance team, Matthews has set some new goals for herself, which she is looking forward to achieving.

“I can’t wait to learn new styles of dance, techniques, and tricks. I also can’t wait to dance in front of my peers on the field and court,” Matthews said.

Matthews is very excited to move on to this new chapter of her life.

“I’m excited to experience being on my own, making new friends, exploring a new town and becoming a teacher. I also can’t wait to be a part of a new team and family. They have already made me feel so welcome and I’m not even there yet,” she said. 

As Matthews is moving on with her career in dance and school, she cannot forget the team that started it all.

“I’m looking forward to having a special bond with my team and making memories throughout the season as great as the ones that I’m leaving behind,” Matthews said.