Thankful For Teachers

Windsor students show their appreciation during teacher appreciation week.

Kayla Moore, Staff Writer


Teachers spend every day shaping the minds of their students, inspiring them, and loving them as if they were their own. The credit they receive throughout the year is very minimal and that’s why teacher appreciation week exists. Teacher appreciation week is a special time that comes around every year that is dedicated to honoring teachers for all that they do for their students.

Windsor High School has taken part in spreading the love for its’ staff this year with a series of events. The first thing they do is the annual door decorating. Windsor’s student council takes time every year and personalizes the faculty’s doors with sayings, pictures, and art that resemble them.

“I love my door so much because it shows that my students really know me and how much I love The Office,” Jennifer Klingeman said.

Teachers were also given a gift of something that they like.

“I got the greatest snack ever as a gift this year, a bag of marshmallows,” John Leech said.

To continue the appreciation student council hosted a teacher’s breakfast. Each member brought in a breakfast food that the staff could choose from.

Rebecca Zwetow said, “Teachers always enjoy the teacher appreciation breakfast provided by the students of STUCO.  What teacher doesn’t love finding sweet treats in the teacher’s lounge?”

To end the fun, teachers received popsicles that said “stay cool for the summer” on them.

“I thought it was a really cute idea, but I immediately had to put it in the freezer,” Karie Jones said.

Teachers also proclaimed that students past and present have shown their appreciation with letters and emails.

“My favorite thing that students have done for me is giving me notes, letters, and cards. I have things saved from years back that students have wrote or drew me in a folder that I look at when I am having a bad day that just make me so happy,” Klingeman said.