Student Spotlight: Filip Suransky

Suransky is from the Czcech Republic.


Niko McNabb, Staff Writer

While there are several new staff members this year, there are also several new students roaming the halls of Windsor High School. One of these new faces is Filip Suransky–a 17-year-old foreign exchange student from the Czech Republic. 

This is Suransky’s first time in the United States and he is very happy to be here. 

Suransky said, “It’s been overall good. I settled in really fast and it’s been very fun.” 

Suransky enjoys being with his host family and is very excited to stay here for an entire semester.

Back home, Suransky has a mom, dad, and an older brother. They are an active family–they enjoy spending their family and free time outdoors. 

“We do frequent bike rides, and we like to spend our time outdoors,” Suransky said. 

One of Suransky’s favorite places he has visited  in the United States so far is the St. Louis Zoo.  

“The zoo was very fun. It was really cool to see all the different animal exhibits,” Suransky said.

Suransky also said his favorite animal exhibit was definitely the polar bears.

Suransky spoke out about one thing he really wants to do while he’s here.

“The main thing I really want to do while I’m here is to try all the different fast food places and restaurants that we don’t have back home,”  Suransky said.

His favorite restaurant so far is Chili’s. 

“My favorite food item so far would have to be the chocolate chip pie dessert from Chili’s,” Suransky said 

Suransky is on a mission to try most of these fast food chains and restaurants while he’s here.  He hopes to leave here with most of his bucket list checked off. 

Coming to a new school in a different country can be nerve wracking for some, but Suransky is being welcomed with open arms by the students and faculty of Windsor High School. 

Suransky said, “It’s definitely a lot different than back home, but it’s fresh, fun, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester.”