School Spirit Spotlight: The Cheer Team

The team is always there to support Windsor athletics.

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School Spirit Spotlight: The Cheer Team

Elise Gajdosik, Staff Writer

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For many years, Windsor’s cheer team has always been there to support our sports teams–whether it’s early in the mornings for pep rallies, during school assemblies or late at night on the sidelines for games. Competing on the cheer team takes a ton of practice. 

For the cheer team to be successful, everyone on the team has to be committed. Without commitment, the team would not be able to reach its fullest potential. Everyone on the team has to be committed to making the team better, and going to all of the hard practices each week. 

Sophomore Maggie Funston said, “The commitment to teamwork and being dedicated are the most important, because without those, the team will not thrive.” 

Every team has their best qualities, and the cheer team’s is the dedication every member has to make the team the best it can be. Having a dedicated team is very important, or no one would want to get better at what they’re doing.

Funston said, “We are dedicated to improving, whether it’s stunts, chants, or jumps, we are always striving to make whatever were doing the best they can be.”

Being on a team can be a lot of fun and there are a lot of good things about being on the cheer team. The team is always working together to try new stunts, cheer at football games and have fun with their friends.

Funston said,“Being able to try new things that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do if I wasn’t on the team, the friendships that have formed from being on the team, and being able to cheer on Windsor’s teams.”