Student Spotlight: Savannah Zwetow

Zwetow is involved in several groups at Windsor.


Jade Allen, Staff Writer

Savannah Zwetow–some may recognize this name as a pleasant young lady or remember her from her breathtaking performances.

At Windsor High School, Savannah Zwetow is involved in competitive speech, International Thespian Society, improv, musical, Shakespeare society and Christmas at Windsor Castle. Zwetow is a historian in the International Thespian Society and co-president of Improv. 

Zwetow won a total of fifteen awards and went to state during her freshman year on the competitive speech team.

 Zwetow said, “(Speech team) is a good place to work on your confidence because you are performing.”  

Her focus this year is to push past just reaching state and winning in pros and dramatic interpretation. 

Improv is what shakes off the dramatics of speech by mellowing the emotions with laughter. Zwetow is in charge of Improv this year and has a new techno-like theme. Not only does she hold a high level in speech and Improv, Zwetow is a historian of Windsor’s thespian society. 

The International Thespian Society is an invitational group that balances towards theatre. Zwetow’s time at Windsor consists of mostly all things based towards ITS.

Beyond her theatre based hobbies and education, Zwetow strives in academic classes with ease. Her goals out of Windsor are to study at a four year college and join the ROTC. Another daring goal Zwetow plans to establish is to open her own self funded bar and grill. 

Zwetow lives in any sweater whether its summer or winter and is a firm believer in being comfy. Even when she is on break during her job as a lifeguard, she can be found in a sweater or when she is creating special effects makeup. Overall, Zwetow enjoys all of her activities, but she has a special place for the speech team. 

Zwetow said, “(Our speech team) spends so much time together (we) really become a family. Also, it is a safe place and is  good to form confidence.”