New Teacher Spotlight: Caleb Joost

Joost is a science teacher at Windsor High School.

Sofie Maestas, Staff Writer

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Caleb Joost has lived in many places. He was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and when he was a child, he ended up moving to seven different states. He lived in Louisiana, Missouri, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas and Illinois. Out of all the states that he lived in, Texas was his favorite; however, he is looking forward to staying in Missouri. 

He enjoys teaching at Windsor.

“(Windsor) is the most supportive school district I’ve been at so far,” Joost said. 

This year will be his first year teaching chemistry, and it will also be his first year teaching at a high school. He taught at a middle school for two years and then decided to teach at a high school level. He didn’t really enjoy middle school because of the immaturity of some of the kids. When he was in college, he was actually a history major and then ended up changing it to be chemistry. At the old school that he worked at, he had to drive an hour in traffic to get to school, and now he only has to drive five minutes to school. 

He has a two year old son, and he has been with his wife for eleven years. He and his wife actually went to the same high school, but didn’t meet until graduation. He said that she had actually been in one of his classes, but he never noticed. 

When it comes to teaching, Joost is pleased with his career path. 

“I’ve learned that the most important part of teaching is building relationships with people that are around you, so that way you build yourself for success, and that way students actually care about what you do,” Joost said.