Student Spotlight: Jacob Sadler

Junior Jacob Sadler enjoys dealing with the pressures that go along with high school.

Austin Williams, Staff Writer

There are many students you may not think of when you pass them in the halls. It could be that you’ve never talked to them or have never even noticed them. Jacob Sadler may be one of those people. Referred to as “the most mysterious man alive,” albeit not by many, there is a lot more to Jacob Sadler than most think.

Sadler was born and raised in Imperial.  He lives with his mother, father, and older sister, but has always found wisdom in Mr. Will, the old man that used to live across the street from Sadler.

As a child, Sadler looked to Will as his role model. Will taught Sadler discipline and responsibility through the art of boxing.

Every day after daycare, Sadler would visit Will across the street. They would eat milk and cookies before going into the garage for their boxing lesson. These lessons would have an immense amount of influence on Sadler as he grew up.

“He put that pressure on me (to succeed) when I needed it the most,” Sadler said. “It was really hard on me when he passed a few years ago.”

While a young Sadler was taking these lessons with Will, he often tried taking what he learned and applying it to school and his interactions at daycare—sometimes with no success.

Sadler said, “During my childhood, me and my friend used to (annoy) this kid in our daycare. We would say he was cussing and he’d deny it and get triggered. I was always putting pressure on people.”

Even though this may seem mean from an outside perspective, Sadler was just a kid and he believes it gave that kid the ability to withstand pressure from other people.

Since then, Sadler has attended the Windsor C-1 School District where he is now a junior. Throughout his schooling, his parents would often ground him if he hadn’t finished his homework in the hopes that they would instill a hard work ethic in him.

“I’d often get in trouble for not doing my homework. I was under a lot of pressure to succeed,” Sadler said. “I appreciate it now because it has increased the chance that I’ll do the homework that I have now.”

Having attended Windsor for a long time, Sadler has been witness to many changes over the years. Interestingly, his favorite of those changes came during the 2019-2020 school year—the new floors. While the floors may not seem like a big deal to some, Sadler has already taken a huge liking to the floors and what it means for Windsor High School.

Sadler said, “The new floors (at WHS) put a lot of pressure on other schools to improve their floors. They make school more enjoyable.”

He mentioned how because of the floors, he will miss this school a little bit more as he will be graduating in about a year and a half. With that, he is looking towards the future.

Sadler has started thinking about college, but is still a little unsure on what he wants to do.

“I might go to college for (a) business (degree),” Sadler said.

He also made mention of starting a “pocket company.”

When looking forward to ten years from now, only one thing came to his mind.

“I hope I won’t have children,” Sadler said. “I’ll be too young.”

This is only one thought he had about his future. Besides this and going to college, Sadler mentioned there is one thing he will miss more than anything about his life growing up at home—his twin mattress.

“One thing that people don’t know about me is that I have a twin mattress,” Sadler said. “It has an extra layer with pressure on top.”

On his twin mattress, Sadler has had many dreams throughout the years. One of his recurring dreams he’s had is a response to a question often asked: If you could have dinner with any three people, living or dead, who would it be?

Albeit not being possible, Sadler dreams of having dinner with Jesus, Gunna and Thugger (also known as Young Thug). With such an odd group of people to have dinner with, one might wonder what they will eat and talk about.

“(We would be talking about) nothing at all. Jesus wouldn’t even be able to understand us because he doesn’t speak English. He’d be there for the vibe,” Sadler said. “And what would we be eating? We’d be eating pressure.”

This dream represents a lot about Sadler. He is a man of few words but is always thinking and doing so in ways that others don’t. Some may find his choice of words (when he does talk) unorthodox, but that is who he is: someone who is being himself.

“I am the ice,” Sadler said. “I mean—after all the pressure I’ve been through, it’s not a surprise to say that I’m the diamond in the rough.”