Student Spotlight: Ryan Wieberg

Wieberg has big dreams for his future.


Alex Julian, Staff Writer

Ryan Wieberg is one of many sophomores at Windsor High School. He likes to stay involved at school by partaking in activities like basketball, baseball and art club.

 Wieberg said, “I like to draw, watch videos and play games in my free time.” 

He also likes to stream/play his video games on YouTube and Twitch. He posts on his YouTube channel  frequently and is steadily growing. 

He said that he would like to pursue a career in professional baseball or in the animation field. He seemed very keen on going to the Kansas City Art Institute. 

 Wieberg said, “I’m planning on attending KCAI (Kansas City Art Institute).”  

The things Wieberg likes to do most in life is play sports and draw/design his own drawings. He plays basketball every day at Owl Time, but sometimes takes a break though to play volleyball. 

The one thing he sounded the most interested about was the art of animation  and how you can just make a piece of art alive with the power of animation. These are just some of  the reasons Wieberg would like to pursue a career in the animation field.

Wieberg said, “I want to become these things because I enjoy these things most in my life”. 

Wieberg seemed to not really look up to anyone specifically in the animation field; he just loved the feeling you get after watching or making in his case a beautiful animation. 

Wieberg  is one of Windsor High Schools art club members and he was also had some of his artworks in an Art Show at Windsor High School last year. 

He is one of Windsor High Schools most talented artists and plans to show that off for the rest of his life in animation form. He’s ready for KCAI, but are they ready for him?