Owl Time Still A Hit

The time at lunch gives students more freedom at the high school.

Kennadee McFarlane, Staff Writer


At Windsor High School, there is a unique way of doing things when it comes to lunch. Many students at different schools often do not get the chance for an hour long lunch period. Windsor High School refers to this as Owl Time. Many of the freshmen from Windsor Middle School are not used to this new schedule.

“You get a lot more freedom. You can hang out with your friends,” freshman Jasmine Casey said. 

Most students at Windsor often get nearly an hour to eat lunch or do whatever they need to do that day, ranging from completing homework to meeting and socializing with friends or playing basketball. Some question if there is enough time or too much time. 

Sophomore Sarah Wright said, “It honestly just depends on the day. Some days I have a large amount of extra time after eating my lunch, while on other days I am pressed with other teachers I have to visit and such, to where I do not have enough time. For the most part, Owl Time is long enough, however, I would not mind it if it were a bit longer.”

Students can also go to a set of areas that are monitored by staff members for Owl Time. They can go to the commons. Along with that, they can also venture to the library, the gym, or get in some weight lifting in the weight room. Going outside to eat is another option students have, as well as going to any classroom as long as they have a staff monitor. A survey was recently sent out to Windsor students and 195 responded to the survey. 

Nearly 34% of students said they spend the remainder of their time in the commons, making it the most popular spot at Windsor during Owl Time. However, the limited seating makes it hard for the entire student body to fit in the room, so they have to find another area to eat. Down the hall, the second most popular location during Owl Time is the gym, with 21.2% of students who responded to the survey saying they spend their time there as opposed to the cramped commons. Fifteen percent said the library, while only 14% said outside. Surprisingly, one-fourth of the Windsor students prefer other locations that are not listed. 

As mentioned, most students end up with a lot of free time during Owl Time. Nearly every student has a favorite part of Owl Time, and these examples are just a few of the students’ responses. Almost three-fourths of students that responded to the survey said that their favorite part of Owl Time is hanging out with friends. Around 10% said that they liked to hang out in the gym and practice for upcoming sports seasons, while 8% said catching up on work from their seven classes. Only 9% of students’ favorite thing to do is a variety of these or other mixtures.

Wright said, “My favorite part of Owl Time would be that it is the time where I can take a break from the stress of the school day and relax with my friends.”