Improv Brings The Laughs

The 10th annual Improv Show was a success.


Leah Parsons, Staff Writer


During the evenings November 7-9, Windsor High School’s Improv Show was performed for the tenth year in a row. 

The show was filled with hilarious skits and memorable moments which the audience thoroughly enjoyed.  

This year’s theme was B1nk B0nk TV, which was an inside joke to commemorate their ten year anniversary. The skits were all about things to do with technology, such as what frustrates people about technology. 

The performances were held in the new school auditorium, which Whitney Crabtree, the director of the show, felt helped improve the quality of the show. 

“It was 18 skits that we did, so each skit was kind of a different story. But overall we tried to hit on technology and different things that frustrate us about technology,” Crabtree said. 

This year the team had a lot of new members who had never done improv before, but were willing to try it out. 

“They did well, it took some work to get there but I think they learned a lot and we ended up pulling it off,” Crabtree said. 

The new actors enjoyed their first experience.  Many of them especially enjoyed their final Friday night performance. 

“(I enjoyed) the last night because my mom was there and the fact that we got more applause than we did the first night,” senior Shawna O’Leary said.

O’Leary was one of many new performers in the show. The skits also included several actors who had performed in improv before, such as Lane Buckingham. 

“I think it went really well. I was a little nervous because we had so many underclassmen this year, but they did a really good job,” Buckingham said.  “Friday night is always my favorite night for every single show I’ve ever been in. There’s normally more people there and the energy there is a little more extreme.” 

The audience also enjoyed the shows and found them really enjoyable to watch. Reilly Baughman attended Friday night’s show and felt that others should watch it next year. 

“They should definitely attend. There are some really good scenes. There’s a lot of skits and they’re really good and you’ll laugh a lot,” Baughman said.

Everyone involved felt the show was, overall, very successful this year, and those who watched really enjoyed the performances. 

“It’s a really good time and they should totally come out and watch it next year,” Baughman said.