Poetry Out Loud

Junior Anthony Johnson won this year’s competition.


Michael Huff

Anthony Johnson won the competition.

Derek Williams, Staff Writer


Poetry Out Loud is an event that juniors at Windsor High School attend every year. The Poetry Out Loud event is held every year by English teachers at Windsor High School. For the competition, students have to remember multiple poems, and recite them in front of their teachers and other students in the class. Then, after you recite your poem in front of the class, students move on to the school competition. 

In the Windsor High School Poetry Out Loud competition, competitors were Riley Butler, Sophia Dubis, Peyton Honea, Nick Kelley, Anthony Johnson, Adam Jungbulth, Abigael Mullins and Samantha Zelle. 

There are two rounds in the school competition. For both of the rounds the competitors recite and announce with accuracy two poems (one for each round). Once the competitors recite their poems the judges record their scores.  

The judges were teachers John Darmody, Amy Keith and Brooke Faber. The judges had a score difference from first to second place of two points. In second place, finished Peyton Honea and in first place scored Anthony Johnson. After Anthony’s victory, he will be moving on to the state competition which will be in St. Charles.

Teacher Whitney Crabtree, who now runs the competition, said, “I thought it went very well. We had a lot of great competitors this year, so I’m sure it was hard to pick a winner.”

Johnson is excited about making it to the next level. 

“It is very exciting and I’m happy to be the winner and hopefully I can go on and be successful in the state competition,” Johnson said.