Ready For The Next Step

Windsor seniors are prepared to move on with their lives.


Makenna Lane, Staff Writer

As they enter their second semester of the 2019-2020 school year, the seniors have a lot to think about. This is their last semester in a high school setting, and now they have to prepare to begin a new chapter of their lives. They have the world at their fingertips with many options and opportunities after graduation. Whether it be going to college, serving in the military, learning a trade or going straight into the workforce, the Windsor seniors will be moving on in just a few months. 

One of these graduating seniors is Mallory Bringaze. She will be attending Saint Louis Community College-Meramec this fall. Going to Meramec was not her original plan, however.

Bringaze said, “I planned on going to Mizzou or Missouri Baptist University, but then I realized that I could do certain programs that would help me graduate college sooner with hardly any debt.”

Along with attending college, Bringaze will also be working to support herself financially. 

Bringaze is feeling a mix of emotions with it being her final semester at Windsor High School. Her favorite years of high school were her freshman and senior years, and she will hold onto the memories she made with others forever.

Another senior that is graduating is Carter Hirth. Hirth, unlike Bringaze, does not plan to attend college right away. Instead, he has enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. 

“The last semester of high school is bittersweet because this part of my life is done; although, that means I have a lot of growing up to do,” Hirth said.

Hirth says he will probably take some college classes while he is serving. He will still remember the times he’s had in high school, though. Senior year has been his favorite year. One of his most memorable moments was being selected for homecoming court.

In common with Hirth, Mark Foster also has plans to join the United States Marine Corps. Foster has always wanted to be a part of the Marines. His favorite part of the high school experience was spending time with his friends and having a great summer before senior year. He is ready to graduate and move onto the new chapter in his life.

Senior, Emma Pouvaranukoah, is taking a path with softball involved. She will be attending Mineral Area College where she plans on entering the educational field. 

Pouvaranukoah said, “I chose this path because it was something I have always been interested and passionate about.”

As her high school career comes to an end, Pouvaranukoah will always remember her sporting events and rides to softball games. 

Graduating high school may be bittersweet for these seniors, but they still have their entire lives ahead of them. With all of the different opportunities, these seniors truly get to create their own paths, and there is no one right way to do it.

“Enjoy the little things while it lasts or hold on to the little memories because sometimes they are the best,” Pouvaranukoah said.