What’s More Important–Good Food Or The Big Game?

Students are ready for Super Bowl Sunday.

Gavin Kinsworthy, Staff Writer

As the football season is coming to an end and a Missouri team still in the running for the title, there is significant buzz about the Super Bowl.

However, while some students are excited to watch the game, many are just worried about the parties that come with the big game. Some are worried about what team they should root for, bets on the game, and what commercials will be on during the breaks, but most importantly, the food that is going to be there. 

The most essential part of this sort of party is the food; ranging from pizza, all the way to buffalo chicken dip and certain desserts. Many people have the need for a certain food or theme at their Super Bowl parties. Some like a little spice in their life, while others just want a casual type of dish. 

“My ideal snack setup would be a nacho bar with some brisket and beef, some toppings like jalapenos, cheese, beans, and taco sauce,” senior Jared Tanner said. “Probably a chocolate fountain with strawberries and different fruits you can dip and some Rice Krispies.” 

Hosting a Super Bowl party can be quite simple. Many people  try to go all out with banners, streamers, and whatever else they can find to impress the guests, but there are also different ways to plan this. But who cares? It’s all about the food.

For instance, since Kansas City is in the running, there could be some KC style barbecue.

Tanner said, “A perfect theme for a Super Bowl party would probably be whoever is playing in the Super Bowl with the colors of that team with some football plates. But food is essential to a Super Bowl party because you can never watch a game on an empty stomach, no matter the circumstance,” Tanner said.