Predicting Super Sunday

Writer Nathan Bennett gives his prediction for Super Bowl LIV.

Nathan Bennett, Staff Writer

It’s almost time for Super Bowl LIV.The San Francisco 49ers were able to dominate Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in the NFC conference championship game. The Kansas City Chiefs were able to come back from an early deficit and beat the Tennessee Titans. 

In the Chiefs win, their defense was able to shut down Derrick Henry, holding him to only 69 yards rushing.The Chiefs were one of the only teams in the second half of the year to stop Derrick Henry. The Chiefs were able to stack the box and just play single coverage over the top with Tyrann Mathieu and the plan worked to perfection.  The Titans were unable to stop the dominant Chiefs passing game as they gave up 293 yards to Patrick Mahomes and three touchdowns.  

The 49ers are coming off a phenomenal performance against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. As of right now, it seems like the 49ers are the team to beat this year. They’ve had everything clicking this year on both sides of the ball. They have been able to battle through some injuries on the defensive side with several injuries to their safety group. 

Against the Packers, they got an absolutely dominating performance on the ground from Raheem Mostert rushing for over 220 and four touchdowns. It just seems like every week a new player on their offense is able to step up and be the big playmaker and that’s what makes this offense so effective. 

As for Super Bowl LIV, I think the 49ers are going to control the game from the start. Once again, the Chiefs will get off to a slow start, but the 49ers defense is too good for the Chiefs to overcome an early deficit.  I think that the 49ers have enough good secondary players that they are going to be able to slow down the Chief offense. Super Bowl MVP is going to have to go to Jimmy Garoppolo. With how much the Chiefs struggle in coverage, I think Garoppolo is going to have the best game of his career. 

Prediction: 49ers 24 Chiefs 14.