State Wrestling Preview: Owls Send Six To State

The state wrestling tournament begins at 5pm today at Mizzou Arena.

Madison Alaniz, Staff Writer


When Reilly Baughman made it to the state tournament in 2019, she became the first girl in Windsor history to qualify for state. 

Baughman won one match at state last year, but failed to bring him a medal. However, this year she plans on bringing one home. 

 Baughman said, “It feels unreal to go to state again. I just feel so accomplished with going to state for the second time.” 

Head coach Ryan Bollinger said, “It’s awesome! She’s paving the way for the girls wrestling program and setting the standard very high for the future. Qualifying for the state tournament is a big deal and to do it twice as a junior is incredible.”

While Baughman is the lone girl going to state, she will be joined by five boys–Luke Longtin, Domonic Pona, Austin Henry, Chris Butts and Seif Elkhashab.

Longtin (28-14)  is also a two time state qualifier. 

“I feel like this year at state could hold a lot for me since it is the second time I’m going and I have more experience and I can focus more,” Longtin said. 

 Longtin has been wrestling since 7th grade.

Longtin said, “I’ve always felt like I started later than everyone else in wrestling, so I felt like I was not as good as the rest, but it motivates me to go even harder in the practice room and not focus on what others say.”

Just like Baughman and Longtin, Butts (37-11)  is a two time state qualifier. However, Butts went to state as a freshman, but not last year. 

Butts said, “I’ve stayed motivated by the goals that I want to accomplish.”

 While Pona is going to state for the first time, he is going as a district champion. 

Pona (28-11) said, “I feel so relieved since I finally made it to state because I have worked so hard for it.”

Austin Henry (34-12)  is one of the two seniors  going to state this year.

 Henry said, “This is what I’ve been working towards since I became a varsity wrestler and I’m very happy with how the work has started to pay off.”

 Henry has been wrestling for six years. 

“My coaches and teammates have been a great motivation for me throughout my career. We all see the potential in each other and push ourselves to fulfill it. My family has also been very supportive and has motivated me to wrestle the best that I can every time,” Henry said. 

Senior Seif Elkhashab (38-5)  also won a district championship on Saturday. 

“I don’t like to lose and it would be nice to have my name on the wall (in the gym with the state medalists),” Elkhashab said. 

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