Dude. Be Nice: Kindness Pays Off For Windsor Teacher

Students selected Stephany Dueker-Richmond this year.

Brandon Ge
Dueker-Richmond was greeted by several of her students.

Sophie Dubis, Staff Writer


Every year student council runs Random Acts of Kindness week at the high school. Throughout this week, candy is placed on lunch tables, nice notes are left on cars, there are spirit days to dress up, and one of the days is dedicated to teaching Windsor and Freer Elementary students character qualities and leadership skills through Peaceball. Most importantly, one of the high school staff members is recognized for their outstanding accomplishments and great leadership skills.

This year, teacher and coach Stephany Dueker-Richmond was acknowledged by all students and staff at the Dude. Be Nice assembly. Nominated by Jacob Lehman, there were several components that went into selecting this year’s winner.

“I chose to nominate Mrs. Dueker because I think she deserves to be recognized as a great teacher, and all the work she’s put in as a volleyball and track coach,” Lehman said.

It was a unanimous decision. Dueker-Richmond is a prime example of strong character and leadership. 

I want to inspire my athletes to be the best versions of themselves-athletically, academically, and as people and citizens. As an educator, I want my students to know that if enough time and effort is put in, great things can happen and dreams can be a reality,” Dueker-Richmond said.

Dueker-Richmond coaches girls volleyball and track at Windsor High School. Over the years, she has coached countless girls. In the fall, she led the volleyball team to the state final four–the first final four appearance for any program in school history. She always gives encouraging words and motivates people to push past what they think their limits might be. It can be inferred that this motivational attitude stems from the way she has always seen herself. 

“Determined….because I don’t give up and I don’t want any of my students or athletes to give up either,” Dueker-Richmond said. 

Teaching for over 20 years, she has always embodied an influential strong, kind hearted woman.

“I would love for the world to be a better educated, respectful, happy place filled with people who work together! I feel like if every person would be responsible for her/himself the world would be a much better place and there would be more kindness and less anger.  However, respect could extinguish many of the world’s problems as well,” Dueker-Richmond said. 

The most dominant factor in selecting the receiver of the Dude. Be Nice award is kindness. When thinking of kindness, what do you imagine? Helping others? Leading the way? Put other people’s needs before your own? To coach and teacher Stephany Dueker-Richmond, kindness is a second nature act.

“Kindness to me means that you go out of your way to do things for people who don’t ask for it while asking nothing in return,” Dueker-Richmond said.