Preview: High School Musical

The musical will take place February 27-29.


Madison Alaniz , Staff Writer

When the theme for this year’s musical was announced, it was met with cheers and applause. 

Now, it’s time for the actual excitement to begin. 

This is the 16th straight year Windsor High School has performed a musical. This year, musical director Lisa Honz said she wanted to do something fun with the new auditorium and she knew the kids would really love it.

When the kids audition, Honz hires a crew to make the selections. 

Honz said, “I like someone with fresh eyes.” 

This is Honz’ 11th year of directing musicals, but she’s been involved with all 16 of them. 

Honz said, “I really just enjoy watching the kids have such a great time. I love feeling their excitement. They are all just very dedicated kids. They all just did really awesome, and I can’t wait to see them all do what they love.” 

This year’s leading role in the musical is Anthony Johnson; he’s playing the role of Troy Bolton (Zac Efron). 

Johnson said, “Getting the lead was the biggest goal I could’ve ever imagined.” 

This has been something Johnson has wanted for a long time. 

Johson said, “The most intimidating part for me during the tryout was having an acting coach and a director watch me audition.” 

Johnson said he was very surprised when he got the lead role, but he is ready for it. 

Johnson said, “I’m not nervous about this musical at all. There is a great group of people and everyone is working really hard.” 

You can get the tickets online at The show dates are on February 27, 28, and 29 at 7:00. Tickets cost $5, online and at the door.