Second Annual Powerlifting Meet

Windsor is set to host a Powerlifting meet on Saturday.

Windsor will be hosting a Powerlifting meet this weekend.

Windsor will be hosting a Powerlifting meet this weekend.

Alex Julian, Staff Writer

Windsor is hosting their second annual powerlifting on Saturday, February 29.

The Windsor High School football team is hosting a powerlifting meet for current high school students with boys and girls divisions.

The meet puts students into divisions according to their weight, gender and age.

There are eight different boys divisions starting at 124lbs and under going all the way up to 250lbs and above.

Men’s power lifter Tristian Williams holds the all-school deadlift record with at a 515lb deadlift.

Williams said, “The week before (I compete) I deload (for a week) so I don’t lift at all and I stretch and get loose. I also like to get a deep tissue massage.”

The girls divisions start at 124 lbs and less and go to 170lbs and up.

In each division, there will be three winners–a first, second, and third place for a freshman/sophomore division and a junior/senior division.

Coach Alex DeMatteis is proud of the strength program.

“Strength training is quickly becoming a part of the overall athletic culture here at Windsor and this will be an event to showcase our commitment to strength and conditioning this year and for many years to come,” DeMatteis said.

The events featured will be the bench press, back squat and deadlift.

Competition begins around 9:30 am while weigh ins start at 8:30 am. The award ceremony will be around 3:00 pm, approximately.

Strength Coach Ty Van Valkeburg said,“If you are a student and you can lift weight, you should most definitely participate.”

Students can still sign up online using the link below. It is $25 per athlete and it also includes a tshirt.

Payment will be accepted the day of the meet–cash or check only. Checks can be made out to Windsor Football.

All participants will need a signed waiver  by their parent/guardian in order to compete.  

There is  an online waiver below but they will also have printed copies of the waiver on hand the day of the meet at the registration table.

Online Waiver:

Sign up sheet: