That’s A Wrap: Boys Tennis

The boys tennis team had seven seniors this spring.


Niko McNabb, Staff Writer

Windsor boys tennis should be well underway at the moment, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all spring sports at Windsor High School were canceled.

The face of Windsor Boys Tennis, head coach Doc Carranza, has been the Windsor tennis head coach for the past 22 years. Carranza was really looking forward to seeing how the seniors would play this season. He has no doubt that the boys would have performed at a high level and done really well.

Carranza said, “I know nobody thought that our season and some high school careers would end this way, but there are things that are beyond our control. Even though most of them will not play on a team again, tennis is a lifetime activity that you can play anytime, with anyone. I know they will look back and remember the great times they had playing Windsor tennis.”

The boys season had a lot of promise with seven seniors returning. The top four players were Charles Owens, Michael Huff, Mark Grogan and Evan Williams. They were hoping for a breakout season. 

Senior Michael Huff has played tennis for five years and was looking forward to playing his senior year. This season would have been his fourth consecutive year on the high school team.

Like many seniors, when Huff found out that the season and school were officially canceled, he was very unhappy. 

Huff said, “At first when I heard the news, I was in tons of denial that my senior year and my senior tennis season was officially canceled, but as days have gone by, I was able to realize that there really isn’t any reason to just be sad about it when we can just accept it and look to better things.”

Many of the seniors believed they had a very good chance to win the district and potentially send a couple individual doubles or singles teams to sectionals or even state. 

Historically, the Windsor boys tennis team does very well and the Owls were looking nothing short of that this year. It’s very unfortunate the pandemic prevented everyone from seeing the hard work the boys put in behind the scenes.

Carranza said, “I wish the seniors good luck in whatever they decide to do at the next level of their lives and I told them that we will get together when all this is over and do some type of wrap up, but I think this group of seniors will do very well in the future. As for the returning underclassmen, work on your game and do the best you can to be the best you can. If they can take anything away from this season is that you never know when your season or high school career is over. Make the best of what your time at Windsor gives you.”