Golf Season Cut Short

The Owls had six seniors this spring.

Makenna Lane, Staff Writer

The 2019-2020 school year took an unexpected turn on March 17, which would be the last day of school on the Windsor campus. This is not only disappointing academically, but also  for extracurricular activities. 

This year seniors are missing out, at least temporarily, on many things such as prom, graduation, walking their elementary halls, sports, etc. Hopefully, events such as graduation can take place at a later date. 

 Ian Phares, Tyler Maddock, Nick Oliver, Grant Courtney, Emily Smith and Zach Krupp are missing their senior golf season.

 Phares said, “Of course, like every other senior that plays sports, I was very upset. We all had great plans and ambitions for the season. It’s a shame we lost it.” 

Head coach Wayne Montgomery is feeling disappointment for his seniors who are missing out on so much. 

 Montgomery has been a head coach for 11 years, but been around golf for 15. He was very confident in his team. They had a solid group coming in and had success with the JV team last year.  

Montgomery said, “I enjoy the experiences with the team. It’s not just about the matches, but it’s about the memories made on trips and during the tournaments.” 

During this time, it can be hard to stay optimistic. Montgomery and his family are adopting a foster dog to try and make the most of the situation. Krupp is playing video games to keep his mind off of it, and Phares is distracting himself with talking to people as much as possible. Phares’ biggest battle is dealing with the knowledge of working three years for this season and having it taken away after two weeks. Krupp is struggling with not being able to have the last season with all his friends. 

Not only was Montgomery confident in his players, but so was Phares. He felt three or four players had a good shot at state this year. Even with the end of this season, Phares does not plan on stopping his play. Krupp has similar plans. 

Krupp said, “I am going to try to enjoy the game with all my friends as much as possible during the summer.”

Change is always challenging, especially when it is abrupt. Phares said he will miss the memories. 

Phares said, “The golf team is a tight-knit group and always made new memories every match.” 

Montgomery enjoyed being their coach; it wasn’t only about the matches, but the experience.

This was unexpected. This is scary. This is upsetting.

 But it’s what you make of the situation.

Montgomery said, “For me, I plan to keep coming back and if anything it will make me cherish those moments even more.  Sometimes in life, we take things for granted. I won’t do that anymore.”