Breaking Records–Bradley Ahrens

The cross country standout has the school record with a time of 16:40.


via @windsorowlscc Twitter account

Nathan Bennett, Staff Writer

Junior cross country star Bradley Ahrens certainly did not waste any time breaking records. Ahrens has already broke the school record twice this season in the 3.1 mile race.  His current record is 16:40. 

“Breaking the school record meant a lot to me,” Ahrens said. “It just felt like all of my hard work finally paid off.” 

Ahrens though has always been a standout in terms of his cross country performance. He was always one of the top runners in middle school, breaking multiple records there as well. The offseason work that he puts in is evident.  

Bradley has a work ethic that is second to none,” head coach John Leech said. “One of the traits that you have to have to be a successful distance runner is the willingness to get yourself out the door to workout on the hottest and coldest days of the year…Bradley has done just that.” 

Ahrens loves the sport; he gives the sport his full effort and attention and he never backs down from a challenge when it comes to running.  

“He embraces the hard work that is needed to get him to where he is now and where he wants to be in the future,” Leech said. “We were not surprised that he broke the record not once, but twice. The first time he actually made a tactical error but was able to learn from it and that led to him breaking the record a second time the following weekend.  

His work ethic will hopefully lead him to the state meet this year, which would be a first for a Windsor cross country athlete. If all goes to plan, Ahrens will be heading to Columbia on November 7 to compete with the best in the state. 

“It would mean a lot to me if I was the first state qualifier in Windsor history,” Ahrens said. “But it will not be easy; I just need to keep working my butt off.”