Football Preview: Owls Head To Sweet Springs

The Owls are looking for their third win of the season.


Niko McNabb, Staff Editor

With the fall season winding down, the Windsor football team is heading into a week 8 matchup at Sweet Springs, which is located 193 miles from Windsor. 

The Greyhounds currently sit at 3-1 on the season and are coming off three weeks of rest due to being in quarantine. Needless to say, the Greyhounds are probably eager to get back under the lights.

As for the Owls, they are coming off a disappointing 56-20 week 7 loss against the North County Raiders. The Owls currently sit at 2-4 on the season and are looking to shake off the back to back losses from North County and Hillsboro to get back in the win column.

Windsor head coach Alex DeMatteis has been devising a strategic game plan for the Owls this week. DeMatteis said that in order for the Owls to succeed on Friday, the linebacking core and the run defense needs to be strong since the Greyhounds heavily rely on their running game on the offensive side of the ball.

“Through four games, Sweet Springs is a heavy running team. They have a relatively simple offensive playbook and open things up more on defense. They have a single player that has accounted for most of their yardage and scoring and we will certainly have to stop him from being productive. They’ve got some good sized lineman and defensively they are very balanced and fundamentally sound,” DeMatteis said.

Even with the recent struggles, DeMatteis and the Owls feel they have a good chance to rebound heading into this week 8 matchup vs the Sweet Spring Greyhounds.

“Overall, I believe we match up well against Sweet Springs. They are a heavy run team and we will need to have an improved performance from our run defense, however physically we match up well… I feel like we are prepared to handle it after a solid week of practice, but it will definitely pose some challenges,” DeMatteis said.