Playoff Time

The Owls will host a district game on Friday night.

Niko McNabb, Staff Editor

Despite struggling over the past few weeks, the Windsor football team finds themselves hosting a district playoff football game against the Pacific Indians.

The Owls head into this district matchup coming off a disappointing 29-28 loss to Lutheran South. The Owls finished the regular season 2-6. 

The Pacific Indians, on the other hand, wrapped up their regular season earlier this month with a 40-24 loss to the Festus Tigers. The Indians finished their regular season 1-5. 

But even despite the recent rough patch, Windsor head coach Alex DeMatteis said this game against the Indians is extremely winnable and that the Owls will use last week’s crushing loss as motivation. 

“We made sure to put an emphasis on making this week a regular week of game prep. Even though it is playoff time, it is not time to do anything drastically different. We are coming off two difficult losses, by one point each, and we are working on cleaning up mistakes and looking at the little things we can do to get over the hump this week. This is a great opportunity for us to host a home game in the open round of districts and we can’t wait for the opportunity to take full advantage of it,” DeMatteis said.

The Owls will look to shake off last week’s heartbreaker from Lutheran South and finally get back into the win column to keep their season alive.

“This is going to be a great match up. Both teams have a solid running game with contrasting running styles. They like to run straight at you between the tackles, while we like to run an option game and have the ability to run the ball all over the field. I expect to see a lot of quick passing from both teams throughout the night. They are a little smaller up front with good team speed defensively, and that is a positive for us, as we match up well with them size-wise. We have some solid keys we were able to pick up from them and a good game plan defensively and we need to slow them down early and often,” DeMatteis said.