Playing in Style: New Scoreboard Coming To Windsor

The scoreboard will bring another upgrade to the Windsor campus.

The new scoreboard will be coming from Jefferson City High School.

The new scoreboard will be coming from Jefferson City High School.

Derek Williams, Staff Writer

Windsor is always looking to improve. 

After passing a bond issue in 2017, the school updated every school’s entrance to make them more secure. The money was also used to build the state-of-the-art baseball/softball complex, as well as the new turf at the Freer Elementary field. A variety of other updates have occurred as well. 

Now, the football field is getting a new scoreboard. 

The scoreboard is a barely used scoreboard that came from Jefferson City. 

Principal Jason Naucke said, “This was a new scoreboard at Jefferson City High School.  It had been barely used.  They had a tornado that came through and their insurance company paid for complete replacement of their entire facility, so they received another new scoreboard.  We purchased their scoreboard that was replaced.”

Since this past spring, the football field turf has been replaced and the track has been resurfaced. 

The new scoreboard will cost up to $266,920. The money used for the purchase comes from leftover funds from the 2017 bond issue. 

The Windsor Owls football and soccer teams will be playing in style. 

Naucke said, “We are excited about the opportunity to get a new board.  We have replaced scoreboards in our main gymnasium and with our new softball/baseball field we also purchased a new scoreboard.  Given that, it will be nice to replace the board at the football/soccer field since we just finished upgrades to the track and the field.”

The scoreboard is scheduled to arrive and get worked on as soon as Windsor decides if they want to keep it in the same spot or move it to a different location. 

Naucke said, “We are currently deciding if we want to put the board in the exact location of the old scoreboard or if we want it to be more behind the west end zone.  As soon as that decision is made, it will be ready to be installed… As with any construction and installation, we are going to be at the mercy of the installing company.  We have pushed them to get it in as soon as possible.”