Wrestling Preview

Wrestling season is underway.


Chelsie Davis, Staff Writer

Wrestling season has begun. Although, COVID-19 has changed everything, especially sports. Wrestling is probably the most personal a sport can get. It is nearly impossible to remain socially distanced while wrestling, but there are still precautions in place. 

Head coach Ryan Bollinger said, “We are wearing masks when we aren’t physically on the mats wrestling.  As we have always done, the mats get disinfected every day and we talk constantly with the athletes about washing practice gear daily, as well as taking showers as soon as possible after practices.  Each individual brings their own water bottle/jug to practice to prevent the sharing of water fountains at school. We are doing the best we can to help keep this season going.”

Coaches almost always have goals set in place for the team to accomplish. 

Bollinger said, “Our goals are always to compete at a high level.  This season is going to look a little different with current COVID restrictions, so we are taking it one week at a time and hoping to get the opportunity to compete throughout the whole season and into the postseason.”

The wrestlers set more personal goals, especially seniors. 

Senior Dominic Pona said, “My goals are to reach farther than last year and hopefully come up with a state medal.”

Even though this season is a little different, the seniors are still looking forward to their final season. 

Senior Luke Longton said, “I’m looking forward to getting to know and help out the younger guys so they can have better seasons in the future.”

Every school year there are up and coming freshmen. Whether they compete at a varsity level or junior varsity level is up to them to show the coaches what they can do. 

Bollinger said, “We have a good looking freshmen group that should develop and improve quickly as we move through the season.  It’s still very early to see what kind of impact any of them may have at the varsity level, but as we get closer to December, we will start seeing some pieces fall into place.”

There are always a lot of memories that occur in high school. The seniors, of course, hold on to everything as they work towards graduation. 

Longton said, “(I will miss) everything honestly but mostly the hotel rooms and long bus rides with all the guys and having just the best time at meets and tournaments.”

Pona said, “I will miss my coaches and teammates and of most all the struggle every day and the work that we put in on the daily.”