The New View

The new Hudl camera allows people to watch events from home.


Carmen Peterson, Staff Writer

A recent installation in Windsor’s gym has allowed anyone not able to attend recent basketball games to be a part of the action and watch from the safety of their home. The new Hudl Camera is an effortless and reliable system to film any activities going on in the gym. 

Athletic Director Kevin Stoffey has a very positive review of this new technology. After talking to other athletic directors in the area, buying the new camera was an easy choice.

 “With the stationary Hudl camera, obviously, you get a better view, it tracks the play, you get the scoreboard in the view. It’s pretty sweet.”

There are many perks of the camera like saving the recording to the Windsor Owls Activities channel. 

“Grandparents can see it, friends can see it, scouts can see it…I love it,” Stoffey said. 

Setting up the camera is extremely easy, too. All it takes is the app on your phone and a schedule for the camera to start filming. Furthermore, the camera has multiple convenient features like automatically filming 15 minutes before the start of the game and manual control of the program.

In addition to a stationary camera and a mobile version of the program, Hudl came out with a camera that can withstand outdoor conditions. Because of the excellent feedback, there are plans to purchase more cameras for Windsor’s campus. 

Stoffey said, “We’re looking at it for both football, soccer, softball, and baseball. It’s kind of a no brainer. This year with COVID, it’s more important than ever. Even when things go back to normal, it’s still going to be a nice feature.”

Not only can this be useful for supporters that can’t make it to a game, but it can also be used for reviewing games by coaches and players. There is a mobile version that coaches can use for filming as well. Any activity in the gym can now be seen without in-person attendance. This includes wrestling tournaments, Windsor Castle, volleyball, etc. With the mobile version, football, soccer, softball, baseball, band performances, choir concerts, tennis matches, and many other sports can be enjoyed.

From a coach’s perspective, the Hudl camera is extremely convenient for making relatives happy or studying past games for strategies. 

Girl’s Basketball coach Kim Schmidt said, “It makes my life a lot easier because it’s one less person that I have to have film the games at home…It’s also super nice, especially this year, whenever you have not as many options for people to get out and come to the games. It gives other people another way to watch the kids play.” 

Not only is the camera beneficial for the local supporter that can’t make it, but also for the family members or friends that live out-of-state. So far, few problems have occurred with the camera and all feedback is excellent. 

For Coach Schmidt’s players, having the new camera is nothing new. She had previously been filming games, but having the Hudl camera makes it effortless now. Schmidt thinks that the camera actually makes the players watch their behavior more than they previously had.

Schmidt said, “Perhaps it might be a positive where they think twice before  they have something to say about a bad call or speaking poorly about another player. ”  

During the duration of the game, JV player Quinton Peterson doesn’t think that the Hudl camera distracts him at all. He says that he only notices the camera until he goes on Youtube, but having it on him “Makes him want to play harder.” Following Coach Schmidt’s line of thinking, Peterson feels that the Hudl camera has no negative impacts on his playing skills and has no complaints. 

Peterson said, “Overall, it’s a great idea. While some people might not be at the game, they can still watch.”