Prom 2021: Game On!

The Prom will take place on May 14 at Busch Stadium.


Derek Williams, Staff Writer

Windsor Prom will take place on May 14 and the venue is officially set to take place at… Busch Stadium!

While Busch Stadium has been mostly vacant over the past year, it will be soon filled with Windsor students. 

Principal Jason Naucke said,  “If there was to be a cancelation to this year’s prom or is not safe for us to have it on that date, we are looking to push it back or since we don’t have all our eggs in one basket but we are definitely trying are hardest to have a normal prom on May 14.”

The seniors this year are crossing their fingers and hoping for a prom this year as they can graduate knowing they knocked it off of their bucket list.

Due to the cancelation of prom for the 2019-2020 school year, this is most of the seniors first prom. 

Senior Owen Exler, who is attending his first prom, said, “I’m very happy to attend my first prom after the last year and I’m really looking forward to it.”

With no prom last year and no homecoming this past fall, the administration is hopeful that prom will take place this year. 

Naucke said, “Due to the cancelation of homecoming in the fall we definitely wanted to make sure we have a prom.”

Juniors and seniors are allowed to attend Prom. However, if a junior or senior brings an underclassmen as a date, they are also allowed to attend. Juniors and seniors are allowed to bring outside dates from other schools as long as they get the school to sign off on it. 

All seniors, including those who are all virtual, must come to school from 8-10am on May 14 in order to attend Prom. All other in-person students who are attending Prom must attend school for at least half of the day on May 14. 

Naucke said, “With all of the stuff we have missed out on with COVID in this last year, we don’t want to limit anything we don’t have to limit.”