Freshmen Combine

On May 14, a total of 16 freshmen will compete in a series of competitions.


Makenna Lane, Staff Writer

With the NFL draft starting today, it’s time to introduce a new combine: The Freshmen Combine. 

This event will mimic the NFL combine and will take place on May 14, which is the day of the freshmen field day. Eight female athletes  and eight male athletes were chosen by a panel of teachers and coaches. These students were selected because of their athletic ability, and they will be put to the test. 

The students chosen are : AJ Patrick, Clayton Wood, Brenton Shirk, Brady Hirth, Noah Harman, Colin Carter, Claytin Blassingame, Michael Becker, Adrianna Mancuso, Kylie Alaniz, Maggie Bunton, Jada Fritschle, Riley Fendler, Maddy Folmer, Sydney Green and Madison Williams. 

Teacher Jeff Stoffey said, “I’m excited to see the kids compete, and see who the best athlete is.” 

For the contest, the students will take part in a 40m dash, vertical jump, horizontal jump,  a shuttle run and even a Wonderlic test. The Wonderlic test, which is a popular assessment used to measure the cognitive ability and problem-solving aptitude of NFL prospects, will be given before the actual combine day. 

The students are also excited to participate in these events. They believe that the competition is high. There are not many opportunities to fully compete against your peers. Now the stakes are high for the title of ¨best athlete.” 

Alaniz thinks she will be challenged most by Fritschle because they are similar in speed and very competitive towards each other.  

Blassingame puts Patrick, Shirk, and Harman at the top with himself, but believes that his number one competitor is Harman. 

Blassingame said, ¨Noah is fast, strong, and smart. He is a beast in general.¨

Overall, these 16 students have the opportunity to represent their class. This is the time for the spotlight to shine on them and not have the concern of a team. 

Teachers Stoffey and Cindi Maddock have been planning the event and are ready for it to come to life. With the loss of several events over the past year because of the pandemic, Maddock thought it was important for them to look forward to something after all of the uncertainty. 

She also wanted to give our top athletes an opportunity to compete and have fun and she believes the Freshman Combine is a great way to allow those kids to showcase their talents. 

Maddock said, “Mr. Stoffey has put together a great program and I am excited to be able to celebrate our top athletes and give them the recognition they deserve for all the hours they put in outside of school.”