Back To Normal: Prom 2021

After missing out on Prom in 2020, Windsor students were thrilled to have a dance in 2021.


Carmen Peterson, Staff Editor

Unfortunately, the 2020 Windsor prom never took place. 

Luckily for the class of 2021, this year’s prom was a memorable one. 

Despite setbacks regarding location, COVID, dates, and themes–the unique night was very enjoyable.

Held at Baetje Farms, a goat farm in Bloomsdale, Mo, sophomore Madison Hard said the venue was different than most because of the goats also attending. 

Hard said, “The venue was really nice. I think we were all just excited to get to go somewhere. I think having goats at the venue was something pretty unique to our prom.” 

Derek Williams said, “(The venue) was really nice. Mrs. Montgomery found a great place and it was a nice drive there too. It was pretty.”

The 2021 prom was scheduled to take place at Busch Stadium. However, due to certain restrictions, the prom was moved to Baetje Farms. 

As the first year going to prom for Hard, the event was improved by the positive attitudes from the attending upperclassmen. 

Hard said, “The best part for me was really just having a night where we could finally all interact with each other and have a good time.” 

Even though prom looked slightly different this year because of the virus, some traditions continued; for example, prom king and queen. Senior Derek Williams was given the title of prom king. 

Williams said, “It was nice to win prom king and all us seniors had a good time.” 

Alongside Williams, Madison Ealey was voted prom queen. 

Ealey said, “I thought it was really fun. The venue was very nice and spacious, and the food was great. The venue was very pretty with lots of places to take pictures and the dance floor was big enough for everyone.” 

Because of the COVID outbreak last year, Ealey didn’t get to experience prom before this spring. For this year, she said, “This is my first prom so I don’t really have anything to compare it to, but there were goats that you could pet which was really cool.”

The farm also had a nice-sized dance floor that was quite enjoyable for those in the dancing mood. 

Ealey said, “The venue had the perfect amount of space to fit all of us kids in there. It was perfect. And Andy McCrory was definitely the best dancer.” 

Senior Andy McCrory was seen utilizing the dance floor, quickly becoming the life of the party.

 McCrory said,  “It was the only prom I had. I had to live it up.”