Back To School: The Return To Five Day Weeks

Windsor returned to five days a week this school year.

Chase Gemes, Staff Writer

Finally, there is a sense of normalcy in the school schedule.

It’s been a long time since Windsor students have attended school for five consecutive days. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, last school year started out with a hybrid learning schedule, which was partly in-person and online, and ended with a 4 day week schedule. There was a lot of uncertainty on how things would continue in the future, not just in school but the world itself. It made it difficult on students, parents, and staff, but they got through it. 

Some did find advantages with the four day week. 

“I felt it gave some busy students time during the day to catch up before going to work,” English teacher Whitney Crabtree said.  “I noticed a decrease in attendance issues because of that day in the middle of the week.”

There were still some issues with that type of schedule, however. 

Crabtree said, “It is easier to teach a full week in comparison to hybrid learning. When we had hybrid classes, it was very hard to keep them all on schedule without feeling like you weren’t leaving the other group behind.”

Senior Zack Hummel agrees with this sentiment. 

He said, “I do think learning will be easier now because teachers will have one more whole day to teach rather than cramming their schedule into a four day week.”

To stay on track and adjust to the five day weeks again, Hummel has some advice for students. 

Hummel said, “I think going to sleep earlier and doing homework in chunks, instead of waiting until the last minute, can help.” 

Windsor High School principal Jason Naucke is very proud of what the school district has accomplished throughout a challenging past couple years. 

Naucke said, “We have learned over the past two years that one of the strengths of our school district is the relationships that are built between the school district and the Windsor community. We value that relationship and also know that our students learn best when they can have in person instruction.”

On the possibility of returning back to a 4 day week schedule in the future, Naucke said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that it is very difficult to predict the future. I do know that we make decisions in the future that are for the best of our students, staff, and families. Hopefully, we can all stay safe and healthy and continue to attend full time.”