DeMatteis Takes On New Role

After being the head football coach for the past four years, he is now an assistant principal at the high school.

Alex DeMatteis has taken over an assistant principal role at the high school.

Alex DeMatteis has taken over an assistant principal role at the high school.

Maddy Mancuso, Staff Writer

For the past 20 years, Alex DeMatteis has been coaching football in the fall. For the past four years, he has been the head coach for the Owls. 

He has a different view this fall. 

In June, he was named an assistant principal at the high school, replacing Stephanie Klippert. It also meant he was resigning from football. The move was bittersweet. 

“It was hard going on that football field and not being the coach, but I can’t wait to see what they can do this year,” DeMatteis said. 

While the team seems to be enjoying their new coach, Jeff Funston, they still miss their former coach on the sideline. 

Junior Emilio Ford said, “I miss Coach ‘DeMo’, but I’m excited for a new start, new plays, new coach.” 

DeMatteis had to take a big transition from leaving his football career as coach, but he said he would be returning to the sideline some day. 

DeMatteis said, “This is not the end of my coaching career. I plan to either come back with a team (later on) or coach my son in football.” 

DeMatteis said his responsibilities have changed dramatically. 

He said, “Being the assistant principal is different from being a history teacher. Being a principal definitely keeps you busy and what’s very different is that you never know what you’re going to be dealing with when the next day comes by.” 

The former coach has spent a significant amount of time with the Windsor community, which is a community he enjoys. 

“One of the most important jobs as an administrator is to support our staff who support our students, and we all work together as an Owl family,” DeMatteis said.  

DeMatteis’ promotion left two positions open at Windsor. Funston filled the football position, while teacher Mark Franke filled the history position

While some people might have found this transition difficult, DeMatteis did not. 

He said, “People think that transitioning  dynamics will change but for me my No. 1 job stayed the same and that was to support our Owl family and make this high school the best it can be.”