Let The Dancing Begin

This year’s homecoming dance will take place at the football field.


Courtesy of JoAnn Marty

This year’s homecoming court.

Chase Gemes, Staff Writer

Homecoming is finally back.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Windsor High School did not have a homecoming dance last school year. That changes this year–with a slightly different venue. 

In past years, the homecoming dance took place in the new gym, but this year it will take place on the football field. This allows for better social distancing, and the dance will not be in a closed, indoor space. Since there is a “Hollywood” theme this year, there will be a red carpet and spotlight entrance for students. 

English teacher and Student Council sponsor JoAnn Marty said, “With the dance, it is difficult to provide social distancing and keep everyone relatively safe from exposure to COVID. After meeting with our DJ, we decided to speak to Mr. Naucke about hosting the dance on the football field. It is outside with more space. After talking with the Central Office, we all thought it was the safest option so we could have a more traditional dance.”

There are some concerns about weather, however. While there isn’t expected to be inclement weather that day, there is always the possibility of it. There is a plan b though.

Marty said, “If weather becomes an issue, we will send students to the two gyms and the commons, providing as much social distancing as possible.” 

Senior Andrew Tanner is just happy to have the opportunity to have a dance this year. 

He said, “Homecoming on the football field will definitely be different, but I believe it will work out especially if the weather is good.” 

Tanner will be on the Homecoming court once again, and he is happy to be on it. 

“I’m very excited to be on the court for the second year, I’m glad that I can represent my class again this year,” Tanner said. 

During Homecoming week, STUCO will have decorations in the halls. Spirit week will feature days such as best actor/best actress (dress as your favorite movie character) and winning spirit (wear brown and gold), and Friday will be the homecoming parade. There are many exciting things happening leading up to the big day. 

STUCO President Maggie Funston has a lot to do before homecoming. Being president is a lot of responsibility and work, especially during this time of the school year. 

She said, “Though homecoming is one of my favorite times of the year, it does take a toll. There’s so much to do with so little time, but Student Council has great students and fabulous advisors to help us along the way.” 

It was also a big disappointment for Funston to not have a homecoming during her junior year. 

The absence of the dance and parade last year was a major bummer, and it was definitely hard for me and the rest of the Student Council to find motivation for all of the hard work that we have to put into it. However, the silver lining is that it gave us so much prep for this year, and it helped us realize what we need to appreciate.”

Now that Windsor High School has a Homecoming again, it’s important for students to take advantage of it and go have a great time. 

Marty said,  “I believe that we have truly had a difficult 18 months and no dance last year left many people disappointed. It is a chance for the entire student body to come together and celebrate our school. We need some fun and this year’s dance will definitely fit the bill.”