Soccer Preps For Postseason

The team has five regular season games remaining.


Chase Gemes, Staff Writer

The final soccer season for the class of 2022 is coming to an end soon. 

The soccer seniors: Andrew Tanner, Jayden Broderick, Nathan Reichardt, Haki Niksic, Ethan Petty, and Alex Julian, will be having their last stretch of games during October to finish out their high school career. The team is sitting at a 6-10 on the season. 

Michael Alvarado is in his first-year as the varsity head coach, but has been an assistant for several years. 

He said, “This group of seniors is a very special class for me in my first year as varsity coach. I have coached them since they were on JV as freshmen and sophomores. I have known Andrew Tanner and Jayden Broderick since they were in middle school serving as managers of the soccer team. They are a very special group and I hope they are enjoying their senior year.”

Alvarado has been able to see the group grow over their high school years.

Alvarado said,  “It has been a real joy to watch these young men develop as student athletes and mature into respectful and responsible young men. They all have their own unique skill sets which fit perfectly into our team. They also have taken their strength and conditioning very seriously over the last four years, which has not only helped them develop in soccer, but other sports as well.”

Nathan Reichardt has been a defensive leader for the team, and is feeling some different emotions as he approaches the end of the season. 

Reichardt said, “I’m excited, but also a little sad because I’ve been playing soccer my whole life and this is probably going to be my last ever season.” 

Midfielder Jayden Broderick also gave his feelings about it. 

Broderick said, “I’m sad but excited for what the future holds.”

The end of the season means the districts are approaching, which will take place the week of November 1. 

Alvarado said, “Our priorities are to stay healthy and compete in districts.”