Student Spotlight: Michael Le

Senior Michael Le is heavily involved with activities at Windsor High School.

Chase Gemes, Staff Editor

Michael Le is quite the active student. 

In his senior year, Le has become very involved in several sports and clubs Windsor High School has to offer. 

He said, “I decided to do football, cross country and track & field for my final year.” 

He also is currently in math club, book club, Spanish club, French club, and Green Alliance. 

Le said his favorite sport is cross country. 

Le said, “(Cross Country has) made me feel free every time Coach Leech sets the mileage for the day.” 

With all of the clubs and playing football and cross country at the same time, Le has a lot to balance. 

He said, “Trying to balance football and cross country is not something that I can breeze through at all. Doing a dual sport, especially two sports that are very taxing on your body, will tire you out when giving full effort for both sports. A lot of my time is spent doing these sports and to be honest I don’t get much time for anything else or even myself.”

In order to push through it, Le said he is “always thinking about my teachers and friends that will support me when I hit a roadblock”

One of Le’s biggest passions  is weightlifting. 

He said, “I started my weightlifting journey through one of my long-time friends that gave me an opportunity during my freshman year to build myself a new and improved reputation.”

His weightlifting journey has given him a lot more confidence and growth as a person. 

Le said, “Because of weightlifting, I am further connected with the people around me along with getting to build relationships with my teachers and peers that I’ve never had before. My mindset and outlook on life has truly changed.”

Looking ahead to the rest of the year, Le has the track & field season to get ready for. 

He said, “Track & field for me is a sport that I am looking forward to even just going to practice. Finishing school every day and knowing that I have to go to practice and actually wanting to go because I enjoy it is something that makes me already want the season to start.”