A New Club At Windsor

ESports is now an option at Windsor High School.

Brenden Weaver, Staff Writer

Want to join a new club?

ESports is now an option at Windsor High School. 

The ESports club is all about video games and having fun with friends while also competing against other people. Sophomore Griffin Graves is the leader of the ESports team,  which is sponsored by Rebecca Zwetow.

In the ESports club, they’ll play an assortment of games across different platforms. 

Graves said, “We use the Nintendo Switch mainly and some computers.” 

Since they have these consoles, they’ll be playing plenty of different games, such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch.

“We play Super Smash Brothers a lot, Overwatch, League of Legends, Rocket League, and we have online chess,” Graves said. 

The Windsor ESports club plans to have competitions where gamers can compete against each other. These are fun events to play against each other and see who is the best player out of everyone.

 Graves said “Yes, (there will be) plenty (of competitions), and there will be some with Fox later on down the road.”

The Esports club meets every third Tuesday of the month. If anyone is interested, stop by the library to receive more information. 

Graves hopes some people give the club a chance. 

Graves, “I hope people can appreciate it a lot more, and I hope the people who couldn’t find a club before find this as something they enjoy.”