College Planning: Stressful Times

Senior Makenna Lane outlines her path to college.

College Planning: Stressful Times

Makenna Lane, Editor-in-Chief

One of the first things you hear when you enter high school is “enjoy every moment because it will be over before you know it.” 

I remember entering my freshman year not believing that. I thought that I was never going to run out of time. I thought that high school would never end. I was wishing every day that I would be done. Classically saying  “I am ready to be done with school.” Now, here we are, in my senior year just shy of the second semester. I wish that I had not wished my days away and not taken them for granted. However, time does inevitably move on and you have important decisions to make. There are many different routes to take after high school. I chose a 4-year university. I wanted to have the experience of moving away, meeting new friends and studying what piques my interest. Next fall, I will be attending Missouri State University where I will be studying Psychology. 

 Planning your life after high school can be stressful. Your future is determined by the choices you make now. Specifically for me, the first step was to apply. I applied back in September for early admission. After I was accepted, there is an acceptance fee that you have to pay. Once that is completed, that is where everything truly begins. Due to COVID years, test scores are optional for Missouri State just like they are at many schools. However, with my grades I did receive an automatic scholarship, which was encouraging. I am appreciative of all the opportunities that Missouri State offers. 

After I was accepted, the step after that was to wait for the housing application. It opened on November 1, so a little over a month ago. There are nine different options for housing which can be overwhelming. Each Residence hall is different; there is community-style, suite-style, and they are currently building a new residence hall that will be co-ed. You have to fill out all your preferences and what would fit you. During that process, you also can pick your roommate assignment if that is something you are interested in and you can decide on your meal plan for the year. I am rooming with another student from Windsor, Chelsie Davis. 

“I am excited about Missouri State. It just feels like home,” Davis said. 

College planning truly consists of applying and waiting. We will not hear back about housing until May. What is left to do now is continue to apply for scholarships which are super beneficial to students, and wait until February to start applying for courses. If I had any advice, it would be to make sure you have all your documents and records because it will make the process go much smoother. Also, I would start the process sooner rather than later. I am thankful for the early start on my future. It will limit my stress when spring comes around. There are so many people at Missouri State who are willing to help. No matter what the question is, they are constantly sending information. It has been really helpful to interact with their social media, attend zoom meetings, and get constant information from the staff at Missouri State. 

My move in day is August 18 and classes start on August 22. While I’m extremely nervous, I’m looking forward to this new adventure.